Individual Development of Players Within a Team Environment

Youth sports today have come to emulate the win-at-all-costs ethos of Professional Sports. While youth and professional sports look alike, adults often forget that they are fundamentally different enterprises. Professional sports are an entertainment business, while youth sports are supposed to be about education, character building, fitness, and personal development. Rather than taking a win-at-all-costs approach to training our youth players, the Jesters Youth Academy utilizes the player-developmental philosophy instead.

There is a big difference between “being a good athlete” and actually becoming a good soccer player. The Jesters Coaching staff is focused on the Individual Development of Players so they both love and understand the game. Our developmental program offers academy-style training focused on the building blocks of becoming an accomplished soccer player. Since the quality of play is the main measure of our program’s success, the Jesters Youth Academy shifts away from the all-star mentality to one focused on individual development of each player.

In order to function as a soccer academy, the Jesters staff do not see the program categorized by individual teams; we see it as a group of players that believe in the curriculum and pathway.  We provide individual development within a team environment by allowing players to apply creativity to their play while learning to read and understand the ebb and flow of the game. Everyone is of equal value, and every time one of our players steps on the field they strive for improved performance by playing to their personal best.  The true development of our players is measured through their technical ability, tactical awareness, and athletic capability.

The graphic above illustrates our desire to engage with the youth of New Orleans at many different levels.  The Jesters Youth Academy offers camps, clinics, community outreach through programs at schools and community centers, recreational soccer, and competitive soccer.  Our older Academy players are encouraged to apply to and train with the Jesters Reserves as preparation for soccer in college, semi-pro, and even pro sports. Wherever your child is on their athletic and/or soccer path, we have programs to enhance their individual development and love for the game.

The Jesters Academy Approach

Club Approach