Academy Player Spotlight

​The New Orleans Jesters would like to take this time to recognize the dedication, commitment, and aptitude from our Academy player, Jack Cook. His performance has excelled among the entire club and the Jesters would like to highlight his performance! Below are a few questions about JC.

​JSA: When did you first start playing soccer and what do you remember most about that first season? I started playing for Carrolton Boosters at age 5.  I remember playing with my cousin Carolyn.  My mom said I even tackled a kid once.

JSA: Tell us about your soccer career before Jesters and what led you to join the Academy? I played for Carrolton Boosters and wanted to play more competitive teams.  Coach Thando saw me play and suggested to my parents that I join the Jesters.

​JSA: What’s your most embarrassing moment during soccer practice or a match? As a goal keeper, my little brother scored 2 goals on me in a friendly.  I was so mad I did not even eat dinner.

JSA: Sometimes in Soccer, things do not go as planned. Think back to a setback in your soccer career. What did you learn about yourself through that experience? I learned that it is not the size of the players, but the size of their mind in the game that counts.

JSA: What are your proudest accomplishments so far in soccer?

Scoring 2 goals as a striker in the Strawberry Cup last year to bring by team to victory.

Rapid Fire Questions:

JSA: Favorite Soccer Player?  Antoine Griezmann

JSA: Favorite dish to eat? Steak

JSA: Favorite/Worst subject in school? Favorite – Geography Worst Math

JSA: Favorite hobby?Golf

JSA: Do you have a special talent? I can hit the cross bar whenever I want to.