Jesters Youth Player: Across the Pond

Jesters Academy Player, Brenden Folse, decided to take his development to the next level. Through the Jesters and their partnerships across the nation, the plan to travel and play overseas was quickly a realization. Special Thank you to Temecula FC and their entire staff!


I took this trip because I figured it would be a great experience for me to understand the sport of soccer. Traveling to another country to experience the level of the players there. I also went there to see what soccer meant to some of these communities and places outside of the US.
 I had a few goals for this trip one of my main goals was to see how I compare to players of my age, who have gone through a different system than me. Things like physical strength, speed and awareness of the game. Another one of my goals was to see if I can meet anyone in the soccer community that has experience, outside the US.
 I met with Temecula FC through Kenny Farrell, the head coach of the jesters. The head coach of Temecula Brandon, asked Kenny if he had some extra players that he could send on this trip and Kenny forward him to me and I was able to communicate and discuss some things about the trip and such.
To physically prepare for the trip I trained with my high school soccer team as often as I could, I pushed myself to be better than the guys out there. Mentally I prepared on the plane flight there, I had a lot of time just to sit down and think about the two weeks ahead of me, also I did have my dad with me to help me in tough situations like staying in the game and muscle pain.
  There was a brief transitional period of getting used to Temecula’s Play style, but after I realised that they played similar to the way we are trained to play, It was easy to play with them.
 We played against a lot of teams in the Newcastle/ Manchester area. One of our first games was against Queens Park FC which was a Scottish team that played right next to Hampden Park. The special capability of a lot of these teams was their speed of play. They all knew what they were going to do before they did it, and was aware of everything going on.
 One of the many lessons I learned from this trip was that the level that I’m at right now is not good enough.I need to improve on a lot of different things, like speed of play, strength, ball movement, and more to reach that next level.
 The advice that I would pass on is that when you’re training and working out you should focus not only on the skills and running aspects of the game but also the strength part of the game and the mental part, I see a lot of players around my age that don’t have a good mentality for the game which is something that I need to work on, but also some players that are fast and skillful have a weak upper body and can just be bumped off the ball.
 On the trip I learned that I can be creative on the ball and on the field. I also learned that the culture that I have been brought into by the jesters, is similar to the culture in Europe.
Favorite Soccer Player? Christian Pulisic

Favorite Dish to eat? Ribs

Favorite/Worst subject in school? Fine Arts/Math

Favorite Hobby? Soccer

Special Talent? Intelligent/Video Editing.